Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Blog Day

Blog Day 2008

I learned today, thanks to Chris Brogan, that it is blog day. I would like to contribute 5 blogs I have found.

1. Pundit Mom - With the tag line "Having an opinion never goes out of style" you can get an idea that this is someone who enjoys sharing her thoughts with others. And thank goodness. This blog has great commentary on the latest political news. what I appreciate is her dedication to take great thought before just posting on the latest "Breaking News". She really hits it on the head for this Democrat.

2. Feisty Charlie Writes- Blog about her artwork and parenting. I like to hear about both. Check out the artwork and projects she is working on.

3. Momocrats - Awesome group of women giving political commentary and coverage of stories. Really enjoyed reading about their time at the DNC.

4. Manic Mommy - Stories that make me realize it's not just me.

5. Grow By Love - Being a lesbian mom, I found the mission of this site hit right at home - To enrich, support and celebrates all families. Great stuff

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  1. Thanks so much for the love, for PunditMom and for MOMocrats!

  2. Thanks for the post...much appreciated!