Friday, August 8, 2008

Canada Rocks

My wife loves Canada. She tells me every time she hears about one of their great political moves that we are packing up and heading to Canada. I have a hard time arguing with her. However, one of our kids I had with my ex and some how I don't think she would be very keen on me running off to Canada with my daughter and I certainly am not willing to leave her. So here we stay jealous of how it seems that intelligent, tolerant, and fair minded people are so close and yet so far.

The link below takes you to Canada's latest success story in proving my wife's point that we really should just pick up and move. For those of you who have not heard of Fred Phelps he runs a "church". He and his followers (mostly his family) attend events like gay prides, marches, and recently soldier's funerals. They like to hold signs like this:

I have personally had to deal with this while participating in the Millennium March on Washington in 2000. The hatred these people spew is incredible. I applaud Canada for taking a stand against this man. Although I must say I wish they had let him in and then maybe we could have revoked his citizenship or something.

Anti-gay Phelps group barred from entering Canada

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  1. Canada is great and progressive in a lot of ways but it's not easy moving there from the States.

  2. Well thanks for the positive feedback for Canada. I'm a Canadian citizen since birth and I like the place. A lot of the time it seems that American media is afraid to admit that there is an autonomous country operating to the North. I'll have to say though, Canada has it's problems too. Aside from the fact that it's mostly empty, sometimes folks from the states experience anti-Americanism; especially in border towns. Of course this is all dependent on the community you move into. I'm sure Vancouver is pretty laid-back about this. Windsor on the other hand can be a little hostile depending on who your hanging out with. Maybe this is expected considering where America sits in the G8?