Friday, August 29, 2008

Fierce Urgency of Now

I have never watched as much of one of the Democratic National Conventions as I have this year. My Tivo was working overtime. The day of Barak Obama's acceptance speech was the 45th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech "I Have A Dream." I happen to be listening to the radio in my car and I heard the speech from the begining. I hear the end so often but have not heard the entire speech much at all. I was parked and just sat and listened. As I listened to Dr. King I was struck by what he was dreaming of and what was about to happen that night. Is America really here...finally. I was also struck by the parallels of what was happening at the time and the current stuggles the Gay & Lesbian community. One phrase that stood out to me was, "the fierce urgency of now." How appropriate for both then and now. I can't imagine another four years of leadership like we have the last eight. I sense fierce urgency of now everyday in my life. Seems like everyone is just barely keeping themselves afloat. I feel the urgency, the country feels the urgency and we are ready for a change. So I couldn't wait to witness history that night. But I couldn't help but stop and think about the whole week of the convention and how this had all come about.

The media hyped drama leading up to the convention was intense and because of the whole Clinton - will they or won't they debate I was sucked in. I believe the Clintons are true leaders of the party and I had confidence they would do their job, but I still wanted to see it all happen. So I watched.

I was instantly capitvated by Sen. Ted Kennedy. I had the opportunity to see him speak when he came to the Human Rights Campaign's Equality Convention in March. He was absolutely amazing to watch. And I felt the same thing watching him address the convention. Such strength, commitment, and resolve. When he promised to be on the floor when a President Obama gives the State of the Union it was just too perfect.

I saw Dennis Kucinich give such an energetic speech. "Wake Up America," he kept shouting to us all. I wish more people would listen when he speaks.

I saw Michelle Obama who will be a fine First Lady and in my opinion will represent America very well. It is nice to have diversity to talk about in this election. So many strong women, African-Americans, Hispanics, and some white guys. We are getting somewhere in being able to show a more true picture of America.

I saw Hillary give an amazing speech to make all women proud. What an amazing run she gave us. But this was not the year of the woman. This year History was meant to go somewhere else. She left no doubt about who she was supporting and who all her followers should support as she said, "No Way, No How, No McCain."

I watched Bill give his speech and forgave him a little for having such a negative effect on Hillary's campaign. He is a powerful speaker and still has a lot to give the world and make change for the better.

I watched as a number of servicemen showed why it is important to have a Democrat as Commander in Chief. Why there is an urgency to fix the situations we have gotten ourselves into and why we must do better at providing the services for those men and women when they come home.

I watched as Beau Biden, who will be heading off to war soon, introduced his Dad as the VP candidate. Joe Biden is an excellent example of how someone can still do the right thing after being in Washington so long. I could actually be happy if he was the Presidential Candidate. He was hard-hitting and strong.

Then we got to the stadium. McCain says Obama is a rock star. Apparently that is something McCain may have gotten right. McCain is having trouble getting 10,000 people to show up for him, yet Obama fills a stadium with 84,000 people. I'd say that is rockstar like.

I watched Will.I.Am perform his "Yes We Can." Shows me once again which party understands how to use the technology of the 21st century to deliver its message and which one is still trying to figure out how someone can announce something to millions by text message and email.

Then I was struck by Sheryl Crow. However, not for any real profound reason just because - Um Hello -- Hot! (sorry honey).

Then I watched as Bill Richardson said, "John McCain may pay hundreds of dollars for his shoes, but we are the ones that will have to pay for his flip flops." I love quotes. All of his talk about having a President that respects all Americans and doesn't spy and will honor the Constitution. What a concept. Very energizing and very powerful speech.

Then of course we have Al Gore, the person who had the Presidency stolen from him. Still drives me nuts. Sad to hear him talk about what it would have been. "I believe in recycling but that is ridiculous." What a great way to say McCain will just be another Bush administration.

Then finally the man himself Barak Obama. When he officially accepted the nomination you could feel the crowd come to life and it was incredible to witness that moment of history. It is hard to put the right words to describe the feeling of the speech. Historic is the word that keeps coming to mind. The speech was inspiring yet had a lot of substance. I also felt he did a great job hitting John McCain hard on many issues.

The convention from night to night was fun to watch. each night leading to a bigger historic moment. It was amazing to witness this piece of history. I just hope the election continues this historic journey and Barak Obama will be the next President of the United States.


  1. Good review of the DNC, and I am right there with you.

  2. Obama's speech had me in tears. Such a great speaker. He's right up there with Bill Clinton, the greatest statesman (IMO) ever. Loved the whole DNC. I was so proud of our party. It gave me so much hope!