Monday, September 3, 2012

Working with the White House

Kathy Young and Assistant Secretary Kathy Greenlee
from the US Department of Health and Human Services

It was an honor recently for me to plan and event with the White House office of engagement. After sending an email asking if they would bring one of their LGBT conferences to Arizona and told they were all scheduled for the year but they would be willing to help set up something just check back in a few months I was very excited. How cool was that! Just send an email to the White House and get results. Who knew?

After a few months I contacted the office again and within a few days we were off and running with a very quick turn around. I was given about seven weeks to put this all together. No pressure! The White House was able to secure two guests from the Department of Health and Human Services - Assistant Secretary Kathy Greenlee and AJ Pearlman. I was able to get the new Director of Health and Aging from the Human Rights Campaign, Shane Snowdon, to also present. Along with getting the facility and promotion for the event all set up. Below is a great piece from AZ-TV7's Morning Scramble:

The event was amazing! It also provided me with my first opportunity to moderate a panel discussion. I learned a lot prepping for that. Special thanks to Dr. Rebecca Allison for joining the panel. While I wish that attendance for the event had been high I could not have been more happy with the quality of what was presented. I hope to get to work with the White House on a project again in the future.
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