Friday, July 3, 2009

Podcast Episode 8

Episode 8 of "Thoughts From A Lezzymom" is now available FREE on iTunes. You can subscribe and listen to it here. Please use the tell your friends link in iTunes and spread the word about the show. If you don't have iTunes use the player in the sidebar on the blog to listen to the show.

In this episode of the podcast I interview Arizona State Representative, Kyrsten Sinema. Rep. Sinema was a leader for the campaign that defeated the anti-gay marriage amendment in 2006. Rep. Sinema recently released a book called Unite and Conquer that talks about her success in building coalitions to achieve political goals. Rep. Sinema was one of about 250 individuals invited to attend President Obama's event remembering the Stonewall riots. We discuss the event along with some controversial statements on the LGBT community's mindset.

The song of the show is by Uncle Seth and is called "To Be An Angel." I found Uncle Seth on the Podsafe Music Network.

Thanks for listening and remember you can send me comments and show ideas by emailing me at

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