Thursday, August 14, 2008

100 Push Up Workout

I have been hearing a lot about this 100 Push Up Workout so I thought it was time to give it a try. I am in decent shape but have never had great arm strength. I also have some back and neck problems that push ups seem to aggravate. However, this course is designed to build you up to 100 push ups after 6 weeks and I felt comfortable with what they were asking me to do and thought the plan was worth a shot. I completed the initial test with 15. Then after taking a rest period (I didn't take a full day like they suggested - just 15-20 minutes). I then did the first day training. The work out consisted of 5 sets of push ups and a rest period in between. I was able to complete all the sets and in the 5th set even did 10 push ups (3 over the min. number required).  I m excited about the work out plan. stay tuned to see how my progress goes. Better yet join me by going to the website and getting started yourself . There is no registration or sign up required. Then leave your comments on how you are doing as well!

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