Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Video of the Day - Melissa Etheridge vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Today Melissa Etheridge was on The View to promote her new Christmas CD - A New Thought for Christmas. Well that's what everyone thought. However, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the shows extreme right wing co-host, decided to mention Prop 8. Melissa gave a recap of Prop 8 and how that has led to a public out cry and that it is not just coming from the gay community. She complimented Whoopi Goldberg for her comments and said to Elizabeth how disappointed she was in her comments that she felt mislead the public. Elizabeth tried to argue that we can't be so happy about democracy working when Obama is elected and because gay marriage was voted down it doesn't work. Melissa kept hammering her point of a paper written by Thomas Jefferson in which she has he discuses  "that the rights minority should never be voted on by the majority." One of the best parts was when Sherri Shepherd tries to save Elizabeth and get Melissa to sing, Melissa still has to get her point across and has the final word. Oh and by the way, Melissa performs Blue Chrstmas from her new CD.


  1. Do you mind if i add you to my blog roll? I love your blog!


  2. Of course you can! I would be honored. Thanks so much for reading!

  3. This was a great video clip. I record The View everyday. My partner can't stand Elizabeth. I like to think that they pay her to have such extreme right wing views to keep it interesting, and maybe she isn't so narrow minded in real life.