Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Morons of the Year

Since it's the end of 2008 I decided to honor the Top 3 Morons of the Year instead of my normal Moron of the Week.

Let's start with number 3
Sarah Palin
It was actually hard for me to not put her at number 1. If you read my blog and my posts on you would know why. I'll let the video speak for itself (the beginning sets the tone for you).

Number 2
Leadership of the Mormon Church
Their decision to attack the gay community by asking all of their followers to contribute and participate in an election that wasn't even in their state really troubles me. Again, I'll let the video tell the story.

And the Top Moron of the Year
President George W. Bush
I don't think this needs explanation.

I'm just glad someone let him know how they really feel

So there you have it the Top 3 Morons of the Year. Happy New Year everyone.


  1. Greetings,

    I cannot think of 3 more deserving morons.
    I wonder if McCain has nightmares now about having picked Palin?

    happy New Year!


  2. Wow tough call on which is worse Palin or Bush! Great list! Had me cracking up! Happy New Year

  3. Jen, it was very hard for me to put Palin at 3. However, Bush's accumulation of crap is just too much for me. Plus, this is his last year to have a shot at the honor...I hope.

  4. Kim, I have wondered the same thing myself. Poor McCain, I wish he would have had more guts and run the campaign his way. Well actually I don't since I loved Obama's landslide.

  5. Yeah...that's the thing about the right wing ideology it eats it's own when it suits its purposes to do so. But the ironic part is they never think they will be the one that gets ripped. Until they do.

    hey...I have a little award for your fine blog over at A World Of Progress.

    nice to have met ya.


  6. Great top three - really amazes me that anyone would follow these three even for one second.

    I am really hopeful for 2009 and what we as members of the GLBT community can do to help make it better for all.

  7. Redhead-
    Thanks! I am hopeful too. I am glad to see more people paying attention and taking responsibility. It's going to take each of us to stand up to make a difference.