Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day Without a Gay

Join the Impact has been organizing another nationwide event. Wednesday, December 10th they are calling for people to participate in a Day Without a Gay.

Our community contributes $700 billion a year to this economy (the same amount as the bailout), yet we are not given equal protections under the law that every citizen deserves. As such, it is time we make a stand. During the largest shopping season of the year, we ask that you do one very important thing: Don't Buy Anything! What would happen to this world if the LGBTQ community didn't exist? Why is it that we continue to contribute to an economy and government that does not contribute to us? Let's answer these questions on December 10th.


STRIKE: call in gay, shut down your business, or just take the day off.

BOYCOTT: don't buy anything, spend money or support the economy. If you do need to buy support LGBT businesses.

PARTICIPATE: Volunteer and/or protest in your area.

Here is the info on the protests organized by H.E.R.O. happening in the Phoenix area.

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  1. HEY! I participated! Okay, Kenz is sick, so I have to stay home anyway. But I'm also not buying anything all day!