Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This Saturday - Light Up the Night for Equal Rights!

A message from Join the Impact

This Saturday (December 20th) the thousands of amazing volunteers
at Join The Impact are
working hard to host another national event - shedding the light of
equality on our movement!

Please join us to Light Up the Night for Equal Rights!

Peaceful candlelight vigils will be held at commercial centers in
cities across the country in honor of the rights lost to Proposition
8 and the many rights that have remained non-existent for 1 in 10 US

This event will help us build allies and bridge the gap of
understanding for those that oppose us. Far too many are not aware
of the rights and legal protections that members of the LGBTQ
community are not afforded and heterosexual citizens enjoy.
Awareness will give way to understanding and acceptance. Many who
oppose us do not hate us, they just do not understand what we are
fighting for. These are allies waiting to happen. We are encouraging
those involved to make this an opportunity for outreach and
education. As part of the outreach, we are providing everyone with
the "5 Rights Holiday Card" to pass out to shoppers. This cordial
holiday card states just 5 of the many rights not afforded to our
community. These include the right to fight for one's country, US
citizen sponsorship of one's partner, legal guardianship over one's
child, job protections based on sexual orientation (not available in
30 states), and federal as well as state-wide civil marriage.

Please join us in making an impact on our nation!

Help us spread the word by passing this on
to at least 10 friends.

To get involved, please visit your City Page and search for an event in your area. If
there is not an event yet planned, simply join the
and volunteer to organize in your city. Organizing is
extremely easy and we have already done a great deal of the leg work
for you. Don't hesitate to reach out with questions by emailing the
moderators of our

Happy Holidays & Equality to All... and to All a BRIGHT

Amy BalliettAmy Balliett is co-founder of

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  1. This is a really important cause and it isn't just about gay rights it is about civil rights and it is the right thing to do. Thanks for spreading the word.