Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Warm Up

I love football. I am a die hard Dallas Cowboy fan. I also happen to live in Arizona, so today I will be cheering for the Arizona Cardinals.

I also love everything about the Super Bowl. All the pre-game hoopla, the game, and especially - the commercials!

I have a few things to get everyone in the mood. The first is the PETA commercial that was too HOT for TV and could not be played during the big game. I'll let the commercial speak for itself.

The next is just a great cover of Beyonce's "Single Ladies". It's called "Steeler Ladies" and it is well written and very fun. I saw this over at Stiletto Sports. If you have not seen this blog you must.

If you want to read the lyrics hear over to "Steeler Ladies" on Stiletto Sports.
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