Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sacrifices to Save the Economy

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Right now everyone is having to make sacrifices. Even President Obama is going to be forcing executives whose companies take big bailouts from the stimulus package to limit their salary to $500,000. Now there's a sacrifice.

My way of sacrificing is actually helping people keep their job. My laptop died over a month ago. Luckily, I bought it at Best Buy and got the service plan.

My laptop and I made a trip to see the Geek Squad. After explaining that the little blue light would come on but nothing else would happen (I know you are impressed with my detailed technical explaination), they assured me they would take good care of my laptop and even retrieve the data for me. They would need to send my laptop out for service because they didn't do what was required in house. I was told it would take about two weeks.

I retrieved my data a few days later. Unfortunately, I don't know if the recovery worked because the information is stored on DVD and my desktop doesn't have a DVD drive. But no worries I'll have my laptop back soon.

More than two weeks go by so I decide to call and check. The nice Geek Squad boy informs me that it had just been sent the day before. I explained to him that was impossible. After being put on hold he comes back and tells me it was sent AGAIN to service. Apparently, they "fixed" it but when it came back and the trusty Geek Squad checked it the laptop would not power up. I would have thought that was something that would have been obvious before leaving the service place. So I was told it would be another two weeks.

I called the other day and learned my laptop was on a truck and traveling back home. I received the call today that the Geek Squad did indeed have my laptop. FINALLY!

Oh but wait - remember I am saving the economy.

I am informed that while it does turn on, the Geek Squad ran a diagnostic and the laptop is still not working properly. The hard drive apparently doesn't work. Again, this seems like a pretty obvious thing. I ask the Geek Squad gal how many times will it get sent back before they give up and give me a new computer.
Her answer, "Four."

I was surprised that there really was an answer to this question.

So at this point I say "fix" it - find out it's not fixed - send it back - and get me a new damn computer!

After all I am helping many people keep their job and saving the economy. It's the least Best Buy can do.
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  1. I suppose my brand new oven that hasn't been working for 3 weeks is helping too...LOL

  2. hahah wow! That's great! Except I'm not so sure these people need to be keeping their jobs if they can't figure out that the comp is still broken if 1. it doesn't power on and 2. the hard drive is floofy (that's my tech definition for ya too)

    I'm here hoping for your new laptop! Although I think that happened to my old roommate and she got the new one but it was like 10 pounds heavier and bulkier then her old one because they "no longer made that model"

  3. Call 3 on your side.

  4. Jen - I was thinking that same thing. Unless they are extra smart because they are providing their own job security.

  5. Girl!

    Get yourself a Mac...pronto.

    I just bought a Toshiba Satellite and I couldn't take it anymore after 2 months with drove me straight into the Apple Store and the mac book pro...omg...I love it sooooooo much. They did me a huge favor, really.

    Good luck with the Geeks!


  6. When you are finished dinking around let me know I have the corporate emails for HP/compaq. You can read all about my issues with them here

  7. Sorry you're having problems with your laptop. I sympathize.

    I got my HP Pavilion from CompUSA, with the extended warranty. Never again ... I found a place that will fix your notebook for a flat fee of $175 in most cases.

    Crescent Technology fixed my HP last year (March 2008) and did it in less than two weeks. All my files and settings were intact when they returned it, and it's been working without incident ever since. I'm quite satisfied. :-)

  8. Oy. Have they started outsourcing their service to poorly trained monkeys to save money? What a nightmare.

  9. You have a lot of patience. I admire you for that. Had it been me, I probably would have cursed everyone out, lol.

  10. I feel for ya! I've had nothing but 'puter problems lately thanks to viruses. I hope they fix your laptop soon, or just give you a new one already!