Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Phoenix Protest of the Passed Gay Marriage Ammendments

Join the Impact is asking for a nationwide protest of the passing of the gay marriage amendments. Below is the information on the event taking place in Phoenix on Saturday Nov. 15th at 11:30am.

Protest Flyer

Let the community know that we need to be treated equal. Make sure to bring your signs! We will meet at Cesar Chavez Park and then head across the street to City Hall.

PASS IT ON and invite everyone you know.

1 comment:

  1. The big problem you have...

    And it is big.

    Your big problem is Barack energized the Afro-American community and they voted in numbers never seen before. They voted massively FOR him and AGAINST homosexual marriage. I suspect they won't go away. And I don't really think they'll be open to entreaties from you people. Can you really picture Louis Farrakhan telling his people to vote queer? Ain't gonna happen.

    The other thing is, you're gonna find that Barack isn't as liberal as he sounds. After the euphoria, after everyone gets back to work, you're gonna find he's just like Hillary. A liberal facade hiding a centrist core.

    After all, he wants to keep winning. And this year, the lesson is, gay's a loser. Three times a loser. I think that's a song...