Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Interviews on the Inaugural Speech

President Obama delivers his address at the 57...
President Obama delivers his address at the 57th Presidential Inauguration, January 21, 2013 (Photo credit: Photo Phiend)

Yesterday was the 2013 Inauguration of President Obama for his second term in office. I was asked by two local news affiliates to give my thoughts on President Obama's Inaugural speech and what it meant for LGBT Americans. I am always surprised when I am just going about my business and my cell phone rings and a reporter either wants to do a TV interview or asks for a quote. I feel very comfortable speaking so it's not that. It's just still a surprise that I am a someone in the community given the opportunity to share my thoughts.

The first clip is from NBC affiliate KPNK Channel 12 News in Phoenix. I was lucky to have my partner and son join me in this one.

The second is from KTVK Channel 3 in Phoenix

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  1. As I promised to keep you updated re. how the situation evolves here in France, well, let me announce rather proudly that the law allowing homsexuals to marry has been definitely voted yesterday (prompted me to fall on my knees once I had come back home after work and to ask my bf if he was willing to marry me, which he gladly accepted). Of course, the right-wing opposition appeals before the Constitutional Court but I cannot see how the Court could rule the law anti-constitutional (although one never knows, it's mainly old crows working in that Court). What takes some of the sweet taste out of these excellent news (right after the ones concerning Uruguay and New Zealand) are the rather violent demonstrations fostered by right-wing, fascists and zealots of several confessions (Catholics, Muslims and Jews shoulder to shoulder, which should strike anyone halfway intelligent as very odd). Due to these demonstrations, homophobic crimes have been reported in alarming numbers throughout France. But fact is that the law has been voted by 327 votes Aye vs. 230 votes Nope. Best wishes for your legal fights in the US from Paris! xoxoxo Dieter

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