Sunday, May 17, 2009

Podcast - Episode 6

Episode 6 of "Thoughts From A Lezzymom" is now available FREE on iTunes. You can subscribe and listen to it here. Please use the tell your friends link in iTunes and spread the word about the show. If you don't have iTunes use the player in the sidebar on the blog to listen to the show.

In this episode of the podcast I discuss the latest in LGBT news. Some of the topics updates on the progress we have made on marriage equality. Also, the passing of the hate crimes bill in the House of Representatives and some of the controversy that came out of that.
Following the news we have a great interview with animated comic Lizzy the Lezzy created by Ruth Selwyn. She performs, discusses who she would like to do a duet with and what she thinks of the National Organization of Marriage. You can find out more about Lizzy the Lezzy at or You can also follow her on twitter where she is very happy to talk with everyone

Our song of the show is by Jennifer Vasquez and is called "I'm No Saint" from her Album Bend which was nominated for “Independent Triple A Album of The Year” by the Los Angeles Music Awards. She has been an ACAPLU$ winner since 2001, was chosen as one of the Hot 100 Unsigned Artist four years in a row at Music Connection Magazine, and received a nod from Billboard Songwriting Contest a few years back for her songs "Bend", "Nothing Without You", "I'm No Saint" and "He's Like Strawberry Milk". Keep up with Jennifer by following her on twitter. You can pick up her album for $4 at 

Finally I give my thoughts on Don't Ask, Don't Tell. This topic has been in the news a lot lately since Lt. Dan Choi came out on the Rachel Madow Show and has since received disharge papers. Lt. Choi is an Arabic linguist and his services are very important to the military during wartime. I discuss information I have obtained from an unnamed source at the pentagon and shed some light on the obstacles of overturning DADT. Also I discuss how you can make a difference in repealling DADT.

Thanks for listening and remember you can send me comments and show ideas by emailing me at

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